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Our service for the safty:

Regular inspection or maintenance adjudicates over the operational safety and functionality of the centrifuge. Therefore, you assure the service availability of the centrifuge with our customer service.

The UVV examination in the service condition acc. VBG 7 z (German law)

With the annual UVV examination in the service condition, we enforce an inspection to the timely recognition of necessary repairs of the centrifuge simultaneously. The advantages: Increase of the operational safety and expenses savings.

The UVV examination in the dismantled condition aacc. VBG 7 z (German law)

Detailed examination and control of the centrifuge. So for example, the Sealing items, Bearings and the rotating parts are checked on wear, power transmission elements will be checked, everything on the basis of an extensive performance table with Check report, Approval protocoll and official badge.

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