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Our performances in a overview:

     - UVV examinations in the dismantled condition or service condition acc. VBG 7z  

        through expert or expert witness for centrifuges.

     - 24 hours on the spot services

     - Erection or dismantling just like complete installation.

     - Supply of all special-tools just like erection material

     - Spare parts supply in shortest time also from own production

     - Own workshop for rebuilding, complete overhauls, mechanical treatment, plant  

        for sand and glass bead blasting, painting facilities, plant for pickling stainles steel,

        stationary and mobile balancing devices, assemly building for mechanical test run

     - Start-up service world-wide

     - Manufacturing of complete electr. control installation acc. to the latest VDE


     - Second hand machine trading

     - Consulting service also for technical optimizations

     - Maintenance Contracts

     - Stainless steel pickling plant for diving pickling and spray pickling


Specifically in Germany, the centrifuges fall under the accident prevention rule (UVV ) and must be checked annually in the service condition at least once and at least all three years in the dismantled condition.

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